Дополнительные артикулы 3280-1A KNX/EIB-датчик движения Комфорт с зоной обзора 180° для установки на высоте 2,2 м; слоновая кость

20662.43 руб
for bus coupling unit ref.-no.:
линза для установки на высоте 2,20 м
ETS-семейство изделий: Физические датчики
Тип изделия датчик движения
A slide switch (ON/AUTO/OFF) is integrated.
The device has three potentiometers for time, brightness and sensitivity adjustable from the front side
(time, brightness ± 50% adjustable, basic settings via ETS).
sesitivity approx. 20 ... 100 %

The KNX universal automatic switch is plugged onto a flush-mounted bus coupling unit. It reacts to changes in temperature as people are moving into the detection area. This causes switching commands or value transmission to devices such as binary outputs to switch light or dimming actuators. It can also be used to release light scenes in combination with a light scene control unit.
The universal automatic switch is equipped with three potentiometers for time, brightness and sensitivity adjustable from the front side. A slide switch (ON/AUTO/OFF) is also integrated. It has two major operation modes. One mode for lighting purposes as explained and one mode for monitoring purposes used for simple alarm detection or in combination with the Central Alarm Unit . By activating a specific object the device can be toggled between the two modes.
The universal automatic switch has a detection angle of 180°. This angle can be restricted to 90° with a slip-on screen.

Two different universal automatic switches are available:
  • Device for 1.1 m mounting height (ref-no: ....)
  • Device for 2.2 m mounting height (ref-no: ....)

The universal automatic switch has three applications:
  • PIR single unit for stand-alone installation
  • PIR master unit for master/extension installation (e.g. long corridor)
  • PIR extension unit for master/extension installation

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