Дополнительные артикулы DAS4300U Элемент сигнализации

19326.55 руб
for activating and deactivating of alarm systems

Housing, front plate: aluminium (precision casting)
Dimensions of front plate (W x H x D): 101 x 135 x 3 mm
Dimensions of flush housing (W x H x D): 79 x 113 x mm
profile cylinder lock is not included
wired sealed housing for indoor and outdoor use either permanent or pulse contact two LED for individual wiring buzzer for acknowledgement or refusal tear-off and lift-off contact against sabotage protection against drilling
Connecting key switches to :
a) via binary input 8-gang, e.g. ref.-no. or push-button interface
e.g. ref.-no. or to evaluate active/inactive state
b) acknowledge signal (buzzer or LED via switch actuator central unit) 6-gang,
e.g. ref.-no. (12 V DC from central unit)
c) in total min. 6 wires
Технические характеристики
Номинальное напряжение:9 ... 15 В DC
Номинальное напряжение:12 B DC
Current consumption per LED:approx. 10 mA
Current consumption buzzer:около 25 mA
Buzzer:buzzer 12 V 85 dBA / 10 cm
Permissible load of all contacts:макс. 60 V / 0,5 A
Защита:IP 54

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