Дополнительные артикулы EAM4000 KNX, централь сигнализации

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ETS product family: Alarm system
Product type: Central alarm unit

The alarm central unit is a modern alarm system using the KNX system. Detailed knowledge about planning, designing and commissioning of alarm systems are absolutely required.
The alarm central unit is a modern intruder alarm system using the KNX system for the transmission of information. It keeps an object under surveillance and detects and signals intrusion attempts. The system is no substitute for any mechanical safeguarding devices which prevent intrusion into your property.
You can use the alarm central unit as a comfortable extension for any existing KNX installations. The alarm central unit has been designed in compliance with VdS (German Association of the Damage/Loss Insurers) guidelines. The functionality of the device is dependent on the parameters of the software application. To install and configurate the software it requires at least the ETS 2 1.2a version. By using the KNX the additional wiring and cabling effort of a separate alarm system can be reduced to a minimum. This is achieved by using sensors, i.e. movement detector not just purely for lighting control or alarm systems.
  • Up to 160 sensors can be administrated and integrated in up to 4 separate safeguarding areas.
  • All sensors are connected via the KNX to the alarm central unit. Hence, the identification and monitoring of all sensors is obtained.
  • All events (as arming, alarm, failure) are saved with time and date in a protocol
  • Alarm devices (as siren, flash or telephone dialer) can be connected directly to the alarm central unit or can be controlled via KNX.
  • The alarm central unit has an integrated floating storage battery which, in case of mains failure, guarantees a back-up time of approx. 12 hours.
  • The displaying and operation is done by external KNX devices like Info Display, push-buttons, etc. In one armd area several operation units can be applied.
  • An additional local sensor input can be used to protect the location where the alarm central unit is mounted.
  • Furthermore, a relay contact can be used to connect additional alarm devices.

Технические характеристики могут изменяться.
Технические характеристики
Номинальное напряжение:AC 230 В ~ ± 10 %; 50/60 Гц
Потребляемая мощность:макс. 24 W
Current consumption, secondary:max. 50 mA
during changing process approx. 200 mA
Fuses:F1 = T 100 mA (5 V supply of central unit)
F2 = T 100 mA (12 V power supply)
F3 = T 100 mA (supply for telephone dialer)
F4 = T 3.15 A (main fuse 230 V)
F5 = T 3.15 A (protection of accumulator)
Output voltage for alarm device:SELV 12 В DC, ± 2 %
Max. output load:
    Telephone dialer100 мA
    12 V power supply100 мA
    Outdoor / indoor siren, flash light, total1.6 A (electronic overload protection)
Relay switching capacitySELV 12 V (AC/DC), 5 A
(min. 30 mA)
Emergency power supply:12 V / 1.2 Ah
Charging voltage:approx. 13.4 V
Charging current:макс. 150 мA
Питание KNX:
Потребляемая мощность KNX:макс. 240 мВт
    Mainsвинтовые зажимы
Винтовые зажимы для:1,5 мм2
    KNXKNX bus connection block
Рабочая температура:5 ... +45 °C
Температура хранения:25 ... +70 °C
Размер:210 x 270 x 73 мм
Weight with battery:approx. 1500 g
Event memory:min. 80 events per security area
40 events for each fire and alarm
Длина кабеля:
    to alarm devices100 m
at 0.8 mm diameter
    to telephone dialer200 m
at 0.6 mm diameter
    to wired detectors200 m
at 0.8 mm diameter
    of sabotage line600 m
at 0.8 mm diameter
Resistance of wired detectors:макс. 1кОм

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