Дополнительные артикулы LS2178 KNX-регулятор с шинным сопряжением с ручкой для установки температуры; слоновая кость

37363.06 руб
со встроенным шинным сопряжением
with rotary knob for set point adjustment
Only with the ETS 3.0d version or later versions the full functionality will be available.
ETS product family: Heating, A/C, ventilation
Product type: Regulator

Intended use
  • Single-room temperature control in KNX installations
  • Installation in appliance box according to DIN 49073

Product characteristics
  • Measurement of room temperature and comparison with setpoint temperature
  • Setpoint specification by selection of the operating mode
  • Operating modes: Comfort, Standby, Night operation, Frost/heat protection
  • Heating and cooling mode
  • Heating and cooling with basic and additional step
  • Setpoint adjustment
  • Presence push-button
  • Status LEDs

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