Дополнительные артикулы LS5232MSWW Клавиша блока управления жалюзи с памятью и возможностью подсоединения датчиков; белая

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The center plate with memory function enables the individual storing of one up and one down operation time. These two blind operation times are repeated every 24 hour. This provides comfortable, automatic blinds control which can, for example, be used for presence simulation.
  • Short touch (< 1 sec.): UPPER or LOWER touch area for adjusting the slats, blind/shutter will be moved for the period the push button is held, stopping the continuous moving
  • Longer touch (> 1 sec.): LOWER touch area for continuous moving downwards UPPER touch area for continuous moving upwards
  • Longer touch (> 3.5 sec.): Storing of the up or down operation time.
  • Longer touch (> 8 sec.): Switching between manual and memory mode

Sun protection: A sunlight sensor permits automatic lowering of the blind/shutter dependent on sunshine. The factory setting of the brightness value is approx. 15,000 lux

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