Дополнительные артикулы LS5232STSW Накладка управления жалюзи Универсальная с таймером, чёрная

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The blinds/shutter are controlled with the button (moving upwards) and the button (moving downwards).
Short operation (up to 1 sec.): The blind remains in motion for the duration of the push-button action. This function is used to adjust the louvres of the blind.
Long operation (at least 1 sec.): Shutter control remains locked for approx. 2 min. i.e. "continuous operation".

A "fast programming function" enables the individual storing of one up and one down operation time. These two blind operation times are repeated every 24 hours.

Product characteristics:
  • Easy operation with 4 keys
  • Programming without insert possible
  • Switching time blocks Mo Fr 1 x UP, 1 x DOWN
  • Switching time blocks Sa Su: 1 x UP, 1 x DOWN
  • Fast programming function
  • Factory-programmed switching times
  • Running reserve > 6 hrs. with charge storage capacitor

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