Домофонная система TKISA514ASW Аудиопанель стандарт

9275.22 руб
stand alone device for surface mounting, no frame required

  • Acoustical and optical indication of door and internal calls
  • Hands-free operation with high audio quality
  • Door release function
  • Switching light
  • Hands-free operation, manual controlled simplex operation possible
  • Internal call with automatically hands-free operation
  • Door release button
  • One push-button switches lighting (basic settings)
    alternative assignment: control function, internal call, automatic door release, call diversion
  • Push-button for taking call or change over between speaking/listening if simplex communication is activated
  • Selection of 13 ring tones
  • Ring tone differentiation between main door, floor door and internal call
  • Sub door call: 4 bell buttons of the outdoor station can be assigned to 4 different ring tones of the indoor station
  • Ring tone differentiation of 2 outdoor stations
  • Ring tone volume manually adjustable
  • High-quality sound and great speaker dynamics
  • Ring tone mute with optical indication
  • Parallel call can be activated
  • Integrated connection for floor door bell
  • Optical indication of door calls
  • Optical status indication if system is occupied (existing communication)
  • 3-wire technique
  • 2-wire technique with up to 16 indoor stations
  • Blue orientation LED (3-wire technique required)
  • Audio privacy function
  • Automatic call cut-off
  • Electret capacitor microphone
  • Audio and video indoor stations can be combined in the same installation
Recommended installation: use an outlet box for wall luminaires
Технические характеристики
Размеры (Ш x В x Г):58 x 129 x 21,5 мм

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