GO5232F Клавиша блока управления жалюзи; металл цвета золота

Артикул: GO5232F
Наличие: Есть в наличии
22 468,05 руб
для вставок арт.: , и _x000D__x000D_Function of the centre plate with radio receiver for motor contol inserts:_x000D_The centre plate with radio receiver is a component of the Blinds Management system. In combination with the motor control insert, it enables the control of shutter motors by radio remote control and manually._x000D_Short operation (up to 1 sec.): The blind remains in motion for the duration of the push-button action. This function is used to adjust the louvres of the blind. Long operation (at least 1 sec.): Shutter remains in motion for approx. 2 min. (continuous operation) and can be stopped with the next push._x000D_Up to 30 radio transmitters can be taught in. The limit positions of a blind (Up or Down) can be integrated into a light scene._x000D__x000D_Light scene:_x000D_The limit position of a blind can be integrated into a light scene. This light scene can be changed at any time by storing it again. A light scene push-button of the radio transmitter must be taught in before storing or retrieving a light scene.
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