GDA313F SAT-TV-FM универсальная розетка

Артикул: GDA313F
Наличие: Нет на складе
3 483,00 руб
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3-gang all-round antenna socket with interconnected frequency bands, thus flexible and future proof.
Suitable for SAT IF and CATV domestic distribution installations.
Seamless CATV and SAT ranges and low distribution attenuation thanks to combined filter-tap structure.

  • Terminated outlets are used for individual + community installation (BK, CATV, MATV) connected to decoupling stub lines
  • Loop through outlets can also be used in tree networks. The last loop through socket installed in a trunk or stub line must be terminated by terminating resistor .

AS 500 / A design ranges: ref.-no.: ..
CD design ranges: ref.-no.: CD ..
SL 500: ref.-no.: SL ..
LS design ranges: ref.-no.: ..990 SAT ..
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