JUNG HOME кнопка, 2 группы, с аккумуляторным питанием, BT LS CD 1002

Производитель: JUNG

Артикул: BTLSCD1002

42505 р.


including mounting plate, adhesive film and fastening screw
for rockers ref.-no. .. 102 KO5 .. of the CD and LS ranges
available in the 2nd half of 2023

Использование по назначению
  • Operation of e.g. blinds/shutters, lighting or fans
  • Wireless linking with JUNG HOME system devices
  • Mounting on wall box with dimensions according to DIN 49073
  • Screw fixing on walls or adhesive fixing on smooth surfaces
  • Commissioning and operation using JUNG HOME app with mobile terminal device (smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth®
  • Top, bottom and full-surface operation with up to 2 linked functions per rocker
  • Use the operating buttons to operate wirelessly linked JUNG HOME devices
  • Use the operating buttons to control groups, central functions or to call up light scenes
  • Multi-coloured status indicator
  • Battery status message via LED and JUNG HOME app
  • Actuator status feedback via status LED
  • Disabling of local operation
  • Bluetooth® SIG Mesh for fully encrypted wireless communication and repeater function
  • Can be updated using JUNG HOME app
Available in future via update:
(Notes on updates and schedules can be found at www.jung.de/JUNGHOME)
  • Use the operating buttons to trigger the disable and override functions
Температура окружающей среды -5 ... +45 °C
Температура хранения/транспортировки -25 ... +70 °C
Радиочастота 2402,0 ... 2480,0 МГц
В зданиях около 30 м
Номинальное напряжение 3 В DC
Мощность передачи max. 10 mW, class 1.5
Элемент питания 1 x Lithium CR 2450N (recommended) or CR 2450
Время автономной работы обычно от 4 до 5 лет

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