RCDAL2022 EIB комнатный контроллер, 4 группы; алюминий

Артикул: RCDAL2022
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(BCU integrated)
Display illuminated, either permanently or when pressing any push-button.
Группа изделий ETS: кнопки
Тип изделия: кнопки, 4 группы
1 green operation LED
8 red status LED

Product characteristics
The KNX room controller with display combines three devices:
  • Universal push-button plus additional features
  • Room thermostat with continuous control, PWM or 2-point switch control method for heating/cooling. Fan Coil Control is also possible.
  • LCD display (visible: 30 mm / 35 mm), with restricted functions
Via corresponding symbols the different operation modes are indicated. The device has a green operation LED and each push-button has its own red status LED with the option of an own communication object. The BCU is already integrated into the device.
The use of fan coil control requires the “constant PI-control” or the “PWM control” for regulation.
The fan coil control can be carried out:
  • Automatically operated
  • Manually operated

1. Operation level:
  • Switching, toggling
  • Dimming (single level / two level dimming)
  • Shutter / blind control (single level / two level control)
  • Value transmitter
  • Light scene recall with memory
  • Light scene recall without memory
  • Brightness value transmitter (0 ... 1500 Lux)
  • Presence push-button for thermostat (comfort / stand by mode)
  • Set temperature offset adjustment (+ / )
  • Enable / disable function for single push-buttons or for the whole RCD
  • Status LED for each push-button with separate objects
  • Display indication:
    - week day
    - time
    - set or real temperature
    - actual operation mode of the thermostat
    - external value (e.g. wind speed, outside temperature, etc.)
  • Fan coil control:
    - manual in 3 or 4 steps
    - automatic

2. Operation level:
  • First display in this level can be parameterized
  • First pair of push-buttons: scroll function of the operation modes with their corresponding temperatures values, as comfort temperature, standby / night shift back, display contrast and display segment test
  • Second pair of push-buttons: adjustment of the different functions
  • Rest of the push-buttons: no function

Spare part:
transparent covers ref.-no.: .., ,
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Chrome version on request.
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